The distance between

What do you do when what you’re doing isn’t what you love? A better question to ask is what do you do when what you’re doing isn’t what you feel called to do? You know, the one thing you feel like you were put on earth to do. That thing that if you just had it, you would be completely content and satisfied. I feel as though I’m there, stuck between my calling and a hard place. As I’ve planned out this journey toward being a full time musician, I feel that there are moments when I become overwhelmed by the sense of not being there yet. “This thing is taking too long”, and “I feel stuck” are constant conversations I’ve had with myself and my wife. I’ve also found myself questioning my calling,“Am I crazy for doing this?”. As I’ve prayed and sought advice on how to operate in the “in between” of calling the same thing keeps coming back to me, don’t neglect the journey.  My wife especially has been a huge source of encouragement in this area. She reminds me that the journey makes the destination worth while. She reminds me that the journey, it’s ups and downs and it detours, makes the best stories. And she reminds me that the journey makes me the person ready for the destination. Waiting is hard. Cultivation is hard. Patience is hard. But in a weird, kinda cool way, the journey actually turns out to be as fulfilling as the destination. The stories, the struggles, the joys, all of it is building a catalog of experiences that will bring as much joy as the destination. I may never become a full-time musician (although I pray that’s not the case) , but one thing I will do is fight to enjoy this journey wherever it leads me.

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